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Custom Catering Services

Provide delicious menu items for your guests with superior catering services from Rancho Las Fuentes in Bloomington, California.

Tables - Catering Services

Services & Servers

We provide all of the tableware and flatware, buffet tables, servers to replenish drinks, and different colored table decorations or runners in the color of your choice. Male servers wear white shirts with black ties and pants, and female servers wear white shirts with black ties and skirts.


With more than 15 years of catering experience, we know how to provide the best Mexican dishes for your party. These menu items and side options include:

• Beef or Chicken Fajitas
• Chicken Mole
• Birria

    • Build Your Burrito
    • Barbacoa (Beef)
    • Beef Tostados
    • Mexican Rice
    • Beans
    • Shredded Lettuce

    • Fruit Platter
    • Homemade Salsa


    Quench your thirst with our great selection of drinks. We offer cold lemonade, ice tea, coffee, and chilled water, and drinks like horchata and tamarindo for an extra charge. We do not sell alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine and our bartender will serve it to your guests.

    Contact us to experience our delectable catering services for your next fiesta.

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